Tomila LLC was founded in July 2023 in the state of Wyoming. Starting in 2020, we have achieved great success in our Amazon journey, operating in a number of different marketplaces. We have achieved high success in many different markets such as Amazon Arab Emirates, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia and Amazon Mexico. 

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Organizing Product Listings

We professionally organize the product listings of the brands we deal with on Amazon. This aims to best represent your products and make them appealing to customers. It also allows you to get more visibility by optimizing keywords. 

Data Analysis and Reporting

We regularly review customer reviews of the brands we deal with on Amazon, report the feedback and use this data to identify the shortcomings of your products. This helps determine your product development strategies. 

Growth Strategies

We develop customized growth strategies for brands based on their target markets and competition. By using advertising budgets wisely, we enable brands to reach more customers on Amazon. These strategies increase the profitability of both brands and you. 

Tomila Store was founded by Ceyda Güler Sarıkaynak, a young female entrepreneur. Ceyda has been in the e-commerce industry for four years and has achieved great success in that time. However, she started her growth journey only three years ago by joining the Amazon platform. 



Ceyda Güler Sarıkaynak came together with a team specialized in different markets on Amazon and laid the foundations of Tomila Store. Tomila Store serves as an authorized reseller of brands on Amazon and successfully serves customers. 

Will you sell our products on your own e-commerce site?

We will sell your products in our own store on the Amazon platform. 

What do you use as a payment method?

We use payoneer, wise as payment method. We can also pay by wire transfer method. 

Do you have a resale certificate?

Yes, we have a certificate from the state of Wyoming, but we can also obtain this document from any state you request. 

We have a MAP policy, can you comply with it?

Yes, the MAP policy is what we want the most. Thanks to this policy, your brand does not lose value and it is a policy that guarantees the sellers. 

Are you only available on the Amazon America marketplace?

For now, we are only in the Amazon America market, but we will make a breakthrough for different marketplaces in the future.


Thanks for everything. Your team was extremely caring.

Mark Jance

Definitely a reliable and experienced team. I recommend it to everyone.

Marry K.

Even though I was just starting out, they were extremely helpful. Thanks for everything.

Melissa C.